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How are you, dear visitors of the open world blogger? In this explanation, we will talk about the audio macs with which we can play the druze or percussion on any melody or melody. There are many types of sound bags, but the bag that we will talk about is the bag that is used in the manufacture of rap melodies, specifically the syllo or the type of dirt Trap

 The Dragon Eye Trap Drum kit is one of the best bags that you can use, and the reason is that it is a paid bag, and it is the official bag of Mamoon Tuji channel, as it contains high quality sounds and you can work with it on professional projects.

Best Trap Music Sound Drums for FL Studio

In this bag, I have chosen many high-quality sounds that enable you to get excellent quality melodies and will facilitate the process of mixing and mastering for you

What kind of bag is Mamwn 2G - Dragon Eye?

The Mamoun Tuji bag, the dragon eye version, is specific to the type of rap music, specifically the style of neo-school or dirt. You can download it and add it to the program you are working on. We will explain it on the FL Studio application

We will explain how to add bags to fruity lubes or LF studios and how we can use them in making musical melodies

What distinguishes Mamwn 2G - Dragon Eye Trap Drum kit?

There are many types of bags, including LMED bags, which are for Mido files, and there are also samples bags, which are unique to the ready-made Melody.

But in the Mamwn 2G bag you will find a mixture of all these bags where you will find Melody ready to use if you are new to playing

A free bag that contains all the features of paid bags

It contains high purity sounds

You do not need a lot of effort in the process of mixing and mastering

What does the bag contain?

Containing : -

8 808s

8 Kicks

7 Claps

6 Hats

6 Snares

8 Snaps

7 Percs

7 FXs

Drum Loops

Melody Samples


Mamwn 2G - Dragon Eye (1 .)

Mamwn 2G - Dragon Eye (2 .)

And if you do not know how to add the bag to the Fruity Loops program, you can watch this video to learn how to add bags to the FL Studio program

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