Three ways to get products from Amazon in a prohibited country

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Today we will talk about ways to buy products on Amazon in Sudan, knowing that Sudan is one of the banned countries from the Amazon site, because Sudan is under the American economic embargo, and although the ban was lifted in late 2018, many companies do not deal with Sudan directly, and from these companies

Paypal Company: It is the electronic bank through which you can buy online, and you can also receive your profits through it

Adsense: It is the largest company in the field of advertising and marketing, and it is known to everyone who has tried to work on the Internet and profit from it

Three ways to get products from Amazon in a prohibited country

What is amazon?

Amazon is a site for buying products over the Internet, and it is a global site that contains all kinds of products from clothes, electronic devices, all home appliances, etc.... But there is a problem, which is that the site does not work in all countries, as there are some countries that have an economic ban, so the site cannot ship orders to you if You were residing in one of these countries, but in our explanation for today, we will discuss several ways in which you can get products from Amazon.

What distinguishes Amazon from the rest of the stores is that Amazon is an integrated site and each product is in its own category, which enables you to find your products in an easier way.

Also, Amazon has a free delivery service available in some countries, and the value of the product may be licensed, depending on the country in which you live

There is an American Amazon, and there is a British Amazon, and there is another Canadian, which is the same company, but it has branches. It's not expensive, but there will be costs

What are the ways to buy products online from Sudan?

The first way: to get Amazon products in Sudan:

Through the intermediary companies, Amazon does not support buying directly in the prohibited countries, but there are companies in the same countries that act as an intermediary between you and Amazon. All you have to do is search for the right company for you and bring the link of the product you want to buy from Amazon and then request it from the intermediary company and each company has its terms and policies Some of them ask for an appropriate price, and some of them ask for a high price. All you have to do is search for an intermediary company to buy and deliver Amazon products to your country, but be careful and read the conditions of the company that you will deal with and inquire about the costs of orders before ordering them, in order to avoid problems

There are many intermediary electronic transport stores that have many pioneers, and these are

The store is a store called (Dokan), which is an electronic market that has a page on Facebook that sells all local products, but it also provides the service of buying from abroad, and it is not a condition that it be from the Amazon website, but this is what matters to us. Similar to it in your country, if you do not reside in Sudan

 There are many air freight companies in the country and they are characterized by the quick arrival of products and they are the safest, and this does not mean that the rest of the ways are not safe, but the only drawback of air freight companies is the high prices of delivery due to the fact that they are used to transport bulk goods, so if you want to deliver a personal product, you will find that the delivery prices are high Somewhat

There is a well-known Air Max company in the field of air freight, and it has many branches and in most Arab countries

The third method: by mail

In this way, you must have acquaintances abroad or in any country that is not prohibited on Amazon. You will send the order to the person you know after purchasing it from Amazon, and this is if you have an account in the PayPal electronic bank or another electronic bank. What if you do not have an account in any From electronic banks, all you have to do is transfer the money to your relative in the regular bank, and then he will order your product from Amazon, and when you receive it, you ask him to send it through the airport, where the costs will not be exorbitant, but will be appropriate compared to other delivery methods and are also guaranteed

Also, the person who will buy the product for you can send it via Swapost, which is Sudan Post

This mike was sent from Amazon to Sudan by courier

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